Ninebot MAX G30 Electric Scooter reviews in us

Ninebot MAX G30 Reviews: The record-breaking super scooter


Ist we would like to introduce you to a promising street-legal e-scooter here, the Segway-Ninbot MAX G30. The model assures it with great equipment and a huge range of up to 65 kilometers – almost no other model can be in this class. In addition, this scooter should be very reliable, robust and low maintenance. Apparently, this model has been designed to be particularly suited to e scooter sharing providers from the beginning.

Nineboat Segway Max G30D – The most important information at a glance:

Engine, acceleration and braking behavior

The Max G30D features a powerful 350-watt rear-wheel engine, which has provided very impressive acceleration in our testing. A peak power of 700 watts has not been confirmed, but is indicated in other versions (G30 in Austria). Testing showed that there was a slight delay in acceleration, but this could be particularly beneficial when cornering. But then the engine is also very powerful, and when you gain speed there is almost a loud thrust. With the thumb throttle grip, the acceleration was really good. Even at a speed of about 15 km / h, the engine still talks very clearly in gas. Even gradients of up to 15% need to be able to make this scooter still lax (we are still researching whether degrees or percentages mean, possibly a manufacturer error). According to the specifications of German law, the maximum speed is 20 km / h.

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The E scooter has a drum brake at the front wheel and an electronic brake at the rear. Braking behavior proves to be extremely stable in practical testing.


Extremely high grade

Features of the MAX G30 D include the powerful 551 Wh battery, which should enable an amazing range of 65 kilometers. So this e-scooter is much more than just a vehicle for the famous last mile; You can also use the scooter fully for long trips. Since the G30D is equipped with an integrated fast-current adapter (5A), the charging process, despite the huge range, should be only 6 hours.

Interesting: The scooter does not require any external charger. All you need is a power cord (C6, known as a “Mickey Mouse” or “Shamrock” plug) that you can easily carry with you (3A). According to the manufacturer, there is also the possibility of charging the scooter externally, apparently with a quick charger (5A).

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Driving behavior and tires

Although the scooter does not have extra suspension, it did a great job in our practice test, even on short grassy non-footpath routes you can easily reach top speed. You are not so moved on gravel roads as it is with many other models.

The MAX G30 D is loaded with 10-inch tires. Since they are tubeless, the danger of holding the plate is relatively low. These types of tires are not as soft as traditional pneumatic tires, but they are much better than solid rubber tires.

The driving experience was always extremely positive, even at top speed. However, it was striking that even the most minimal steering movements were felt very clearly by relatively narrow handlebars. On the other hand, the scooter has always kept the weight on the far side while driving. It was even easier to remove the hand from the handlebar while driving while unsteady.

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Mudguards have also done a great job – our test driver did not get wet when driving through the puddle. The Its non-slip coating running board was also very positive.

Incidentally, this scooter is very well protected against splatter (IPX5). The rain certainly cannot harm this e-scooter.

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Stability and weight

At first glance it is also clear that this scooter looks extremely high quality and stable. The workmanship is extremely good and clean; And the handlebar is very rigid. Surely, you will enjoy this e-scooter for a long time.

But now we come to the small disadvantage of this e-scooter: it does not have such a low weight of 18 kg (19.5 kg is also on the plaque). This is definitely due to stronger processing and stronger batteries. Such heavy weight limits the use as a classic last-mile vehicle that you occasionally take in public transport, but quite a lot.

Suitability as a Sharing-E scooter in the medium form, as this model was originally conceived, relatively high weight but by no means in the way.

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A well-arranged display is integrated in the middle of the handlebar of the Max G30. It shows, among other things, current speed, battery charge level and driving mode. The control unit can also be used to turn the lights on and off.

other features

Of course, the Max G30 is equipped with front and rear lights. A brake light provides additional protection. A bell is also available.

This E scooter also has Bluetooth availability. The Segway Nineboat app can be activated if special pedestrian mode is required. In this mode, the maximum speed is only 6 km / h – a great thing, if you have to push the scooter once. Square: A flashing taillight indicates that the pedestrian mode has been activated. According to BMVI, you cannot change the operating mode with a vehicle.

Of course, the scooter has a hinge, with a hook on the rear wheel, providing enough stability when you turn the scooter around.

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Segway Ninebot MAX G30 Conclusion:

The Segway Ninebot MAX G30 is a great, very luxurious e-scooter, which will be available at a very reasonable price (current $ 899.99). The high weight of only 18 kg can be experienced as a disadvantage by some users, but this scooter benefits from very good workmanship, superb handling and a truly huge range of up to 65 kilometers. It is already available at Bangwood and GearBest with the coupon below

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