OUKITEL Z32 4G Smartwatch Phone with Wireless Charger 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Face ID Unlock 1.6 inch IPS Screen Dual Cameras 1800mAh Battery – Brown

OUKITEL Z32 4G Smartwatch Phone with Wireless Charger 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Face ID Unlock 1.6 inch IPS Screen Dual Cameras 1800mAh Battery – Brown

OUKITEL Z32 4G Smartwatch Phone with Wireless Charger 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Face ID Unlock 1.6 Inch IPS Screen Dual Camera 1800mAh Battery – Brown

Oukitel is a smartphone manufacturer, which is not the most popular in the Asian market, offers good handsets at low prices. Oukitel has come up with its own smart watch, of course, the word “itself” can be put in parentheses, as it runs on Android, as it is larger with most competing products, such as Cospet, Tiswatch, Zebels, etc. is. The advantage of the OUKITEL Z32 is its low price, two cameras, SIM chip support, 4G connection, huge 1800mAh battery, Face ID, plus some fitness functions and wireless charging.

The OUKITEL Z32 is a mixture of Amazfit GTR Huami with Cospet watches that also has smartphone functions on the device and also features a dual camera and support chip SIM card.
Ceramic manufacture

The Oukitel Z32 has a 1.6-inch screen with IPS technology and a 400 x 400 pixel resolution. Above the display, there is a 2MP camera that serves to unlock via facial recognition and also for video calls using Messenger apps.

The device is built in ceramic with an 8MP resolution photographic sensor in addition to two physical buttons on the side – just like it is a common smartphone. The watch accepts a SIM chip and 4G connectivity compatible with almost all Brazilian bands.

Inside, the watch has a MediaTek MT6739 processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. However, the operating system on the device is the oldest version, Android 7.1 Nougat. To keep everything connected, the device has a capacity of 1,800 mAh and a 900 mAh device, but comes with a 900 mAh wireless charge power bank.

The Oukitel Z32 also has fitness functions

Apart from being a wrist smartphone that allows you to perform various tasks on the smartphone such as making phone calls, the Oukitel Z32 also helps in sports practice. The watch can monitor various sports such as running, cycling and even football. However, the clock is not certified against water and dust; Therefore, no swimming with the clock.

Is it worth buying Oukitel Z32?

The Oukitel Z32 is ideal for those looking for a device that allows them to perform various tasks such as photo, video calling with friends and family without having to take their smartphone in hand. Apart from this, it is also very useful for those who enjoy some physical exercise on a daily basis.

OUKITEL Z32: Cheapest 2020 Smartwatch?

In this digitally developed world, there is no argument that our day-to-day communication is dependent on smartphones. You stay updated with your personal and business email, text, audio and video calls. But it is not convenient to remove the phone from the bag or pocket every time the notification pops up. It also seems rude if you constantly check your phone during a meeting or while talking to someone. It is even more difficult to get a phone to receive or make a call while traveling or driving.

But this can be a problem if you miss an important notification for these reasons; It is trending to buy smartwatches. But these wearable smartwatches have battery problems. However, OUKITEL Z32 4G is a smartwatch specially designed to cater to all your needs. It is equipped with a portable wireless charger, so you can use it for a long time. This smartwatch is very easy to operate and is perfect for business, travel or personal scenarios.



Smartwatch with portable mobile power structure and long battery life

The OUKITEL Z32 smartwatch is equipped with an 1800 mAh (900mAh smartwatch + 900mAh wireless charger) battery which is superior to most smartwatches available in the market. You do not have to worry about power failure. The long battery of the watch saves you the trouble of unloading your wrist and charging again and again. In the OUKITEL Z32 you will not have to carry the charger on the go as the portable wireless charger allows you to charge the watch. from anywhere.

The OUKITEL Z32 is equipped with a large 1.6-inch display that is incredibly convenient and does not have accidental touch issues. A large screen-to-body ratio of up to 70% enables precise and fast switching and smooth operation. The 400 × 400 resolution is more satisfying and you can enjoy maximum visual effects.
Outstanding storage

The OUKITEL Z32 has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. Large storage keeps all your operations running at once.
Dual camera

Another great attraction of the OUKITEL Z32 is its dual camera. The 2MP front camera allows you to take a selfie, make video calls with friends and family from a wrist lift. it is convenient. The 8.0MP side camera brings you the best shooting experience.
Wear it in your style.

Do you get bored with a watch face soon? The exciting attraction of the OUKITEL Z32 is that you can wear the watch in your style with a custom dial. OUKITEL Z32 support DIY watch face. It allows you to download watch faces. You can also customize the face to see your photos.

Exciting design

The design of the OUKITEL Z32 is unique and attractive. Nobody likes a scratched watch. This is why the OUKITEL Z32 is made with ceramic bezels that are resistant to wear and scratches. The leather strap gives the watch a premium look making it perfect for wearing on formal or business occasions. The good thing is that you can separate the 22 mm strap to fit your individual needs.

OUKITEL Z32 Pricing

The normal price of the OUKITEL Z32 smartphone is $ 189.99 but it is available for $ 129.99 after a 32% discount on GearBest. Manufacturers are trying to prove that smartwatches are good not only for athletes, but for every user. And with this model they want to be the highest cost smartwatch model in 2020.

OUKITEL Z32 4G Smartwatch -Specs Review

Oukitel Z32 Smartwatch – Specs Review

Here is another dual camera set-up smartwatch, the Oukitel Z32 smartwatch. A smartwatch with a zinc alloy body with ceramic bezel gives the wearable a premium look, rigid durable body. It is resistant to wear and scratches. The smartwatch features a leather + TPU strap compatible with .22mm strap. The Oukitel Z32 smartwatch has two cameras, a 2MP front camera and an 8MP side camera.

Overall, the body is IP65 waterproof rate, has a minimum waterproof rating, it is able to withstand minimal water and rain splashes but not for swimming.


The Oukitel Z32 smartwatch has a 1.6 ”inch full color display. The full color high definition large screen body ratio is up to 70% in the IPS LCD screen display. It has a 400 x 400 pixel resolution which gives it a sharper text and graphics. The smartwatch features a full touch screen operation with amazing vivid colors.

under the hood

It runs MTK6739 processor with 32 GB storage space and 3 GB RAM. It has enough storage space to download your favorite apps available on Google Play. With MTK6739 and 3GB of RAM, the smartwatch is faster and has smooth menu transitions with its Android 7.1.1 operating system.

Connectivity includes a Nano SIM slot for GSM / WCDMA / LTE 4G connectivity. It also has WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0 and built-in GPS.


When it comes to features and functions, the Oukitel Z32 smartwatch has a multi-sport mode, it has indoor running, outdoor running, outdoor running, cycling, basketball, football, pingpong, badminton and rope skipping. It has independent call and message notifications, fast face unlock protection. DIY watch face, dual camera for video call and multi-position shooting. Google search, calendar, even reminders, weather forecast, stop watch, music control, compass and more.

The battery

The Oukitel Z32 smartwatch is equipped with a portable wireless charger, which is separate from the 900 mAh battery (built-in). There is an additional battery storage on the charging cradle which gives a total of 1800 mAh battery to the 900 mAh smartwatch. With its battery storage, it has a total standby time of 88 days, 48 ​​hours of normal use + 40 hours of additional battery or wireless charge.

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